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  • Completely transform your teeth with a smile makeover
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Create Your Dream Smile With Your Rancho Cucamonga Cosmetic Dentist

Millions of people make improvements to their smiles every year. If you are interested in enhancing your smile, you owe it to yourself to visit a cosmetic dentist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. At our office, you can:

  • Create a beautiful smile
  • Look younger
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Improve your oral health
  • Feel comfortable sharing your smile

Taking that first step toward your new smile can be intimidating. Our doctors can ease your mind. Get started by scheduling a consultation at Jia Y. Lee, DDS. Call 909-288-4682 to make your appointment.

Upgrade Your Appearance With Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic dentistry combines dental science with artistry so you can have the kind of smile you have always wanted. Your smile can become dull or worn down from regular wear and tear. You also may have issues with the natural size, shape, or arrangement of your teeth. No matter what you don’t like about your smile, you can find a fix with our many solutions:

  • Dental Veneers – With chair-side or porcelain veneers, you can quickly change the appearance of your smile. Veneers are an effective way to conceal everything from chips and breaks to crooked teeth or gaps in your smile.
  • Teeth Whitening – The KöR whitening system is more powerful and effective than store-bought whitening products. This professional whitening removes deep stains from your smile.
  • Tooth Bonding – Bonding is a cost-effective and efficient way to fix chips, cracks, breaks, and gaps. It also can be used to cover discolored teeth.
  • Teeth Contouring – Change your misshapen or large teeth by taking away excess enamel.
  • Gum Reshaping – For patients with a “gummy” appearance, we can remove gum tissue to reveal more of your teeth when you smile.
  • Gum Recession Treatment – If gum disease changed your gumline, then we can repair and rebuild it.
  • Orthodontics – Straighten your teeth with your choice of metal or ceramic braces or Invisalign aligners.
  • Snap-On Smile – This is a removable appliance that can be worn over your teeth to change your smile’s appearance. This can be a temporary fix or as a long-term solution.
  • Smile Makeover – Combining services is often the best way to achieve your smile goals.

Americans spend billions of dollars each year to improve their smiles, yet we know that each patient comes to us with individual needs and desires regarding their teeth. Our wide variety of services gives us a lot of flexibility. We want to work with you on a personalized treatment plan to give you the smile you want to see when you look in the mirror.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Rancho Cucamonga cosmetic dentists at the office of Jia Y. Lee, DDS. To set up a consultation, call 909-288-4682 or request an appointment online. Ask about our membership plan, which offers savings on routine care as well as 20 percent off of cosmetic services.

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Common Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

What can cosmetic dentistry do?

If you’d like a gorgeous grin, cosmetic dentistry can help you accomplish your goal. It includes several services that repair and conceal stained, discolored, chipped, pitted, cracked, gapped, uneven, worn, and misshapen teeth. There’s virtually no end to the ways we can use cosmetic dentistry to beautify your smile.

How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies widely. It depends on the services you choose to correct your smile flaws. It’s important to consider overall expense rather than just the upfront cost. For example, while veneers cost more than bonding, the results typically last far longer. Your dentist will address costs with you during a cosmetic consultation.

Does insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?

Unfortunately, cosmetic treatments are seldom covered by dental insurance. That doesn’t mean you can’t afford cosmetic dentistry, however. We offer several payment options, including third-party financing from CareCredit. This low-interest or no-interest option allows you to pay for cosmetic services at a low monthly rate.

Is cosmetic dentistry worth it?

Yes! You deserve to feel great about your smile, and if cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve that, it’s worth the investment. Not only can cosmetic dental treatments improve the appearance of unattractive, unhealthy teeth, but they can also lead to life-changing benefits that often come with a bright, beautiful smile. You’ll have the confidence to pursue the life you want!

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