If someone you love will be taking the court or the field this fall, now is the time to get them athletic mouthguards. 

Get custom mouthguards at our Rancho Cucamonga, CA dental office. Call 909-288-4682 to get these benefits and protect those winning smiles!

Better Protection

When compared to over-the-counter options, custom mouthguards offer a better fit. This also provide better protection against broken and knocked-out teeth.

Greater Comfort

When a mouthguards is molded for your teeth, it can be made smaller as well. This makes it more comfortable to wear when you play or practice your sport(s) of choice. At the same time, it won’t interfere with your breathing or ability to stay hydrated.

Smile Savings

Athletes who wear mouthguards are only 1/60 as likely to have a dental injury as athletes who don’t wear them, according to the American Dental Association. A mouthguard could be the difference between a sore lip and an emergency dental visit.

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