If your calendar is filling with holiday events, you’ll want to look your best – and that includes your smile. But with a full calendar, you figure you’ll have to wait until after the holidays to make any smile improvements. Not so! At our office you’ll find cosmetic treatments that can give you a great new smile in just one or two appointments. 

To get started on your new smile, call Jia Y. Lee DDS at 909-288-4682 to schedule a consultation in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. In the meantime, check out some of our quick cosmetic options:

  • Whitening Treatment – For the fastest results, get a treatment in our office. Walk out in about an hour with a brighter smile. Or whiten with professional supplies at home to work easily around your schedule. Either way, the stronger formulation of our pro whitening will provide brighter results than you can get from a drugstore product. 
  • Dental Veneers – You have a choice of two kinds of veneers. With chairside veneers, you can cover flaws like cracks, chips, and stains in just one visit. Getting porcelain veneers can usually be done in two appointments. Dr. Lee will help you determine which option will work best for your smile. 
  • Bonding – This treatment, during which Dr. Lee will apply layers of composite resin (the same material used for fillings) to your teeth to conceal imperfections, can usually be completed in one appointment. 
  • Snap-On Smile – This is a custom-made appliance that snaps on over your teeth to cover your smile flaws, including missing teeth. With proper care, the appliance can last for a few years. It can be worn so you’re never without teeth while you wait for more permanent restorations like a bridge or partial dentures. 

You even still have time to combine treatments! For example, whiten your smile and get veneers or bonding for a flawless appearance. 

Let us give you a great new smile! Call today at 909-288-4682.